Buy a William’s Complete Ultimate Growler – Get Free Citra

william's complete ultimate growler

About, from William’s Brewing: “Our new Complete Ultimate Growler includes a first in portable growlers – a precise 0-30 PSI Micro Regulator that lets you set dispensing pressure to within 1-2 PSI. This results in an even flow during the entire dispense, and prevents the beer inside from losing or gaining fizz compared with injector type growlers.

Includes our Ultimate Growler double walled vacuum insulated stainless 64 ounce growler, along with a Ultimate Growler Dispensing Head, Micro C02 Regulator (adjustable from 0-30 PSI), and one 16 gram threaded C02 cartridge. 13″ tall. Dispense beer and keep it fresh for weeks with C02. A built in pressure relief valve is included for safety. Keep in mind that although the regulator is adjustable from 0-30 PSI, the pressure relief valve will release at 15 PSI, so this is not a vessel you can pressurize to more than 15 PSI. 13″ tall.”

As of this posting, this is selling $89.99.  William’s is throwing in 6 ounces of free hops with $80 orders.  Order this and get 6 oz of free Citra.  Check site for up to the minute price and availability.


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