Brewing “1 Hour” IPA – from grain to glass


Great Fermentations has a number of great Recipe Kit Offerings.  Included in the bunch is their continuously hopped “1 Hour IPA”.  I was excited to see that as I am a huge fan of Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA and generally cannot get that beer where I live.  The recipe features Simpsons Crystal Malt, Carapils, Amber Malt and Warrior, Amarillo and Simcoe Hops.  It’s available in both all grain and extract versions.  Here’s a overview of the beer from grain to glass.

cln_img_2660Taking the temperature of the recently crushed malt bill.

cln_img_2770I brewed this beer BIAB style.  Here’s a look at the mash.

cln_img_2778Stirring to get everything mixed up well.

cln_img_2785The mash is settling in at around 152 deg F.

cln_img_2827Here we are at the end of the mash.  If you take a look at the thermometer on my BoilerMaker G1 kettle (GF has a great deal on some slight cosmetic damage G1s right now) you’ll notice I’m up in the 170 deg F range doing a direct fired mash out.  That’s one of the dandy parts about BIAB.  Easy step mashes and mash outs.

cln_img_3050Hey that’s wort!!

cln_img_3061This recipe features 5 total kettle hop editions.  A 60 minute Warrior bittering addition starts it off followed by 4 Amarillo/Simcoe blend additions.  Those start at 15 minutes and happen every 5 minutes up until and including knock out.  There is one dry hop addition of the hop blend.

cln_img_3102After an early hop addition

cln_img_3143After a late hop addition

cln_img_4323It’s kegging time.  Beautiful clear beer going into one of my kegs.

cln_img_5312The finished product.  Of course, in a Spiegelau IPA Glass.

I wish that I could have done a side by side comparison of 60 minute vs 1 hour.  I did some searching, even out of state, and didn’t come up with any.

This beer, much like 60 minute, is a tasty and drinkable IPA.  IBU and alcohol-wise it’s on the lighter end of the scale for current push-the-limit American IPAs (that I also enjoy).  The keg went quickly, I almost did not get the finished in-the-glass picture at the end.  I think this was the second to last pint.  I enjoyed it very much and the speed at which the keg was depleted is a testament to that.

The taste that I walk away with, from 60 minute, more than hops is the great nutty, roasty flavor of the British Amber Malts.  I do get that in 1 Hr IPA.  As I said, I like that flavor, so, next time I would add another quarter lb or so.  Not that this beer needs it to be more like 60 minute.  It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those, so I can’t tell you that for certain.  I just like the flavors that that malt adds.

Check it out – All Grain and Extract

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