Announcing: The SPUNDit – Advanced Spunding Valve!

SPUNDit Spunding Valve: Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla, Snub Nose, Picobrew, Unitanks

SPUNDit Spunding Valve: Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla, Snub Nose, Picobrew, Unitanks

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A spunding valve is used to adjust and release CO2 pressure of a fermenter/keg during fermentation or filling/filtering. Essential for pressure fermentation with Unitanks, Fermentasaurus, Williams-Warn BrewKeg, Blichmann Conical Fermentor/Keg and Pot-au-Brew.

Australian Homebrewers: now available at KEG-KING in MELBOURNE

Pressure fermentation is the new hot thing in homebrewing for many good reasons. To do that, you need a fermenter pressurizable to at least 30 psi and a spunding valve to maintain 5-15 psi pressure during fermentation.

Introducing SPUNDit – an advanced spunding valve with unique features:
Precise & accurate
CO2 capturing capability
Fine adjustment with 0-30 PSI pressure gauge
Anodized aluminum main body (NEW & upgraded)
One push-to-connect (PTC) 6mm OD IN port with plug
One PTC 6mm OD OUT port
Stainless steel ball lock straight (non-angled) – a $20 value by itself! The angled disconnect just looks so goofy for this part. So this is your chance to own a stainless steel disconnect finally … and a SPUNDit.
Industrial grade diaphragm pressure relief valve – specifically configured for homebrewing, not hardware store stuff.
Compact design with finger-tight swivel 1/4″ female flare fitting for convenience & mounting versatility (NEW & exclusive!).
Made in USA
Another innovative product of
What you can use SPUNDit for:
Pressure fermentation
Pressure fermentation for 2 kegs at the same time
Precise control of the pressure of your serving kegs
Pressure transfer from primary to secondary
Counter pressure bottle filling WITHOUT a need for “two product dual pressure regulator”
Keg purging with CO2 from active fermentation*
Feed you homegrown cannabis or indoor herb grow box
On-keg pressure gauge & injecting CO2 through SPUNDit’s auxiliary port
Carbonate your beer precisely
Make Fermentasaurus, FermZilla, BrewKeg, Conical Fermentor better. Their built-in poppet PRV is not designed for fine adjustments.

A Spunding Valve allows you to ferment under pressure, naturally and precisely carbonate in the keg, fix over-carbonated beers and lots more. See: Build a Spunding Valve – for loads of information on building and using a Spunding Valve.

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SPUNDit Spunding Valve: Fermentasaurus, Fermzilla, Snub Nose, Picobrew, Unitanks

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