Announcing: Omega Yeast DKO Diacetyl Knock Out Yeast Series!

Introducing the latest Omega yeast strains designed to eliminate diacetyl, but what exactly is diacetyl, and why are we eliminating it? Diacetyl, a natural by product of fermentation, imparts an undesirable taste to beer, reminiscent of buttered popcorn or butterscotch. With the exception of certain wines like Chardonnay and specific British beer styles, this off-flavor is generally undesirable.

Omega’s DKO (Diacetyl Knock Out) Series of well-known yeast strains is specifically crafted to prevent diacetyl formation from the outset. Each strain features the ALDC enzyme, a precursor to diacetyl, allowing fermentation with no diacetyl being produced. Even fermenting in adverse conditions, which typically increases diacetyl production, Omega’s DKO Yeast won’t produce diacetyl. It’s like magic!

Omega Yeast Diacetyl Knock Out Yeast Series

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