Announcing: Lallemand Go-Ferm Sterol Flash Yeast Rehydration Nutrient

Lallemand | Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ | Yeast Rehydration Nutrient

Lallemand | Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ | Yeast Rehydration Nutrient

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  • Improves fermentation kinetics and aroma production
  • Allows yeast to be rehydrated in cool water (60°F) without any loss of viability or vitality
  • Eliminates the need for acclimatization steps—rehydrated yeast can be added directly to juice or must after 15 minutes
  • Requires 50% less water than Go-Ferm™ or Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™
  • Non-clumping, instantly disperses in cool water

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ is a revolutionary new yeast rehydration nutrient that is fast, simple to use, and saves time, labor, and water without compromising on yeast viability and vitality. Derived from autolyzed yeast, Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ provides optimized levels of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and extremely high levels of survival factors including sterols and unsaturated fatty acids.

Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ has the highest bioavailability of sterols and is produced with a specific Lallemand micro agglomerated process, for instant dispersion during the rehydration step. When suspended in cool water, the high content of sterols are quickly released and integrated in the yeast membrane within 15 minutes. The high content of sterols reinforces the permeability and fluidity of the yeast membrane. Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ increases yeast viability, yeast vitality, and optimizes wine yeast aroma precursors assimilation under any conditions in red, rose, and white wine fermentation. With Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™, no yeast acclimatization steps are required before inoculation in must. Go-Ferm Sterol Flash™ is a revolutionary yeast rehydration protector with instant dispersion in cool water for a more reliable alcoholic fermentation and wine yeast sensory impact.

Use at a rate of 1.25 g Go-Ferm Protect per 1 g of yeast.

A rough approximate of weight is 1 tsp = 3.2 grams. We highly recommend using a scale to weigh the product for an accurate dose. We do not recommend relying on these rough conversions for accurate dosage rates.

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