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Carbonator Keg Reactor Lid

Carbonator Keg Reactor Lid via William’s Brewing

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The KegLand Keg Reactor Lid fits any ball lock keg with an oval lid, and allows you to have continuous carbonated water on tap fed by your house water supply. All you do is install the lid, hook your house water supply up to ball lock inlet on the Reactor Lid, cool the sealed filled keg down to 40° F or less, attach your gas line and set your regulator for 30 to 50 PSI, and attach a water line to dispense carbonated water.

Basic Setup & Use:
1. Position the keg inside your fridge, kegerator, poolroom, or anywhere cold (ideally below 40° F).

2. Attach your dispensing tap of choice to the soda water outpost.

3. Attach your gas to the gas in post.

4. Set your CO2 regulator that is connected to the gas post to 30-50psi. (higher pressures will give you more carbonation so set your regulator pressure to achieve desired carbonation level).
NOTE: It’s recommended to use a check valve in your CO2 line to prevent back flow into your regulator.

5. The first time you use this unit it’s a good idea to purge the air from the head space of the keg. To do this pull the pressure relief valve on the keg lid about 5 times for 2-second bursts.

6. Connect the house tap water to the water inlet post on the lid of the keg. We recommend using a check valve for this application to prevent soda water going back into your house water supply. You can use either a DuoTight Check Valve item item C53 for 9.5mm outer diameter water tubing or a DuoTight item X34 if you are using 8mm diameter water tubing. For this unit to work well the house water pressure should be 30-50. To regulate your water pressure we would recommend the use of our Inline Regulator KL15035 Inline Regulator.

This simple unit will give you continuous carbonated water as long as the water it refrigerated and you have a supply of C02 and tap water. Great for a bar, cafe, restaurant, or just at home.

This is capable of carbonating 2 gallons per hour if you have sufficient ability to cool the water. The colder the water and the higher the incoming gas pressure the higher the carbonation level you will have.

Note that our KegLand Series X Kegerators feature two threaded plugs on the back top corners which fit our item C35, allowing you to have a male ball lock connector for both your water and your gas. This makes the Series X, with its ability to chill as low as 27° F, a perfect place to house your soda water system.

NOTE: Your house water pressure should be 30 to 60 PSI. If it is higher than this, use a water pressure regulator to reduce your house water pressure to 50 PSI before entering the keg.


Carbonator Keg Reactor Lid

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