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Oxygen Flow Meter w/ Duotight Fittings FE401

Oxygen Flow Meter w/ Duotight Fittings via MoreBeer

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Take the guesswork out of oxygenation with this handy flow meter. If you’re using pure O2 to oxygenate your wort, you’re likely using a disposable cylinder with a simple brass regulator, and have no way to measure how much oxygen is actually being added. You’re essentially left to finding the “sweet spot” on the dial when you open the regulator and aim for the same spot on the next use. Get repeatable results by adding this flow meter to your setup. This device will allow you to dial in the flow rate and help you add the same amount of oxygen from batch to batch.

The flow meter comes with male flare thread inlet and outlet and includes two Duotight fittings. It’s ready for use with 8 mm OD EVABarrier tubing right out of the box, or you can add a swivel nut and barb for use with other size tubings.

For a good starting point, we recommend using a 0.5 micron diffusion stone and adding pure O2 at a 1L/minute flow rate for 60 seconds to acheive the recommened 10-14 ppm dissolved oxygen.


  • 1/4″ Male Flare Inlet/Outlet
  • Duotight Fittings for 8 mm OD Tubing Included
  • Scaled for 0.1 to 1.4 L/min Flow Rate
  • 3.6″ H x 0.9″ W


Why a Flow Meter?

Most regulators that homebrewers use for oxygenating wort are simple setups – Example – via William’s Brewing.  They attach to disposable oxygen tanks (typically sourced from a local hardware store) and are little more than on and off valves.  No gauges, no pressure control (other than the degree to which you open and close the valve) and no flow control.

Time and rate give you an idea of how much oxygen you’re really adding to your wort.  Time is easy to track.  Rate, not so much, at least with typical homebrew O2 regulators.  If you want more or less oxygen for your next batch, it’s mostly a guessing game.

Enter a flow meter.  This particular model has a range of 0 to 5 LPM.  This model also appears to have an knob that allows you to adjust the flow rate.  Note: .6 MPa is about 87 PSI.

With both time and flow rate you can establish a more reliable baseline to work off of.  This information should also help you to get better repeatability between brews.

Oxygen Flow Meter w/ Duotight Fittings FE401

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