Announcing: Hop Bong for BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical + Hop Bong Hands on Review!

BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical | Hop Bong Pressure Pack | Oxygen-Free Dry Hopping Kit

MoreBeer has made a version of Hop Bong available to work with it’s X1 series conical fermenters. The original FermZilla edition is also still available.

BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical | Hop Bong Pressure Pack | Oxygen-Free Dry Hopping Kit

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Add dry hops without introducing oxygen to your fermenting or finished beer!
Load hops into the Hop Bong, fill it with CO2 via the ball lock cap, and pull the PRV to release oxygen
This is the perfect accessory to protect your finished beer from oxygen ingress when it’s still in the fermenter
6 oz capacity per “hop drop”—easily repeat the process if you just gotta have More!
Compatible with all BrewBuilt X-Series fermenters and any stainless conical with 1.5″ T.C. top port
The Hop Bong is a versatile pressurizable tri-clamp accessory that is perfect for purging oxygen from your dry hops before dropping them into your fermenter. Load up the Hop Bong, flush it with CO2, purge out oxygen with the handy PRV on top, then simply open the Butterfly Valve to inject your beer with a 6 oz payload of dry hops.

This kit is specifically adapted for use with the BrewBuilt X-Series conical fermenters and can be used with any stainless fermenter with 1.5″ tri-clamp top port. The 2″ T.C. Hop Bong attaches to a stainless 2″ butterfly valve that then connects to a 2″ x 1.5″ T.C. reducer. This allows the largest capacity Hop Bong to be used with any of the 1.5″ T.C. accessory ports on the BrewBuilt Conical’s lid.

Hop Pellet Capacity: 150–180g (5.2–6.3 oz)

Kit Includes:

2″ Hop Bong
Stainless Ball Lock Cap
Red PRV & PCO1881 Cap Combo
2″ BrewBuilt Butterfly Valve
2″ x 1.5″ Tri-Clamp Reducer
(3) 2″ Tri-Clamps
(3) 2” T.C. Gaskets
Warning: Always depressurize your system COMPLETELY before removing fittings from your fermenter.


In my opinion, the fact that MoreBeer adapter the Hop Bong for use with X1 fermenters speaks to how well these work.

BrewBuilt X-Series Uni Conical | Hop Bong Pressure Pack | Oxygen-Free Dry Hopping Kit CONP727

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