Announcing: Glacial Advance Cold IPA Kits at Great Fermentations

From Great Fermentations:

Cold IPA is here! Glacial Advance is our take on the up and coming west coast style, which delivers a hoppy beer with a light and clear body. Hoppy with a medium to high perceived bitterness, this style is not overpowering, and gets a light body from its use of adjuncts (flaked maize, in this case) and a lower mash temperature, as well as from a lager strain fermented at the top of its temperature range. In our experimental batches, we have found that this beer also comes out wonderfully if using Lutra as the yeast, and can be fermented anywhere in its wide temperature range. We use Idaho 7 as the bittering addition, with Citra Cryo and Strata at whirlpool, along with Citra and Simcoe for a dry hop. See what all the buzz is about with this delicious beer that will leave you wanting more with each sip!

Glacial Advance Cold IPA Kits at Great Fermentations

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