Announcing: Escarpment Laboratories Belgian Sour Blend!


Hailing from Ontario Canada, Escarpment Labs is a new player on the yeast scene. They’re team consists of brewers, scientists, and fermentation enthusiasts, who strive to produce high-quality yeast cultures that you can trust!

Escarpment Labs yeast is… tough to find in the US. Up until this point, the only way I know of to get this is to import it from Canada yourself. It’s great to see this available!


Great Fermentations has just introduced Belgian Sour Blend

Introducing Escarpment Labs Yeast from Canada!Belgian Sour Blend is a brett blend intended for use as a secondary strain for producing amazing Belgian sours! A blend of Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus isolated from Belgian sour beers, Belgian Sour Blend has a balanced, fruity, and funky taste with great acidity, suitable for all sour ales. It has been used by brewers to produce award-winning wild ales. A highly alcohol-tolerant, phenolic blend, use this as a secondary pitch to make the funky beers of your dreams!

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