Announcing: BrewZilla Gen 4!

Gen 4 BrewZilla!

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The BrewZilla previously called Robobrew all grain brewing systems are the ultimate value all in one electric brewing devices. They utilize a single vessel so they are ideal for homebrewers with limited space or looking to downsize from a larger 3 vessel system. Available in different sizes & configurations you can select the BrewZilla that best fits your brewing application. Also be sure to check out the DigiBoil & DigiMash systems, they do not have some of the features like automated step mashing and built in pump. But the lower cost makes them great units for first time all-grain brewers or someone looking to add an electric HLT or MT to your existing setup.


MoreBeer has announced the availability of Gen 4 BrewZilla systems. As of this posting they’re accepting pre-orders. Order now to get in on the first shipment.

RoboBrew / BrewZilla & DigiBoil

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