Announcing: Blue Collar Coffee Stout, Features Backstory Coffee Roasters Narrator Coffee

blue collar coffee stout

Announcing Blue Collar Coffee Stout:

Blue Collar Coffee Stout is a working beer for the masses. Created in conjunction with our friends at Backstory Coffee Roasters in St. Paul, MN, this stout features their most popular coffee offering, Narrator Coffee Blend. The roasty base beer lays a sturdy foundation for the coffee blend to come along and do the heavy lifting. Flavors of rich malt, berry, and bittersweet cocoa round out the flavor profile while being only moderately bitter. Blue Collar Coffee Stout is the perfect beverage to enjoy after a long day of work – or for breakfast if that’s your thing.

Coffee on Homebrew Finds?  Coffee is a fermented beverage (the beans are fermented after harvesting) that is often home brewed. Many homebrew shops also sell green coffee beans, coffee roasting and coffee brewing supplies – examples – MoreBeer & William’s Brewing. Homebrew style kegs can also been used for making and serving cold brew and nitrogen coffee. Your home brewed coffee can also be used in your homebrewed beers.

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