304 Stainless 50′ Immersion Wort Chiller – $69.99, Save $20

50′ Stainless steel immersion chiller from Brew Hardware.

About: “This immersion chiller is built with 50 feet of 3/8″ OD Stainless Steel (304SS) tubing and features. The overall diameter of the coil is approximately 12 inches and is appropriate for up to 10 gallon boils. We leave the height of the coil compact and low so that the entire 50 feet of tubing will be submerged in a 5 gallon batch in most pots. The height of the in/out tubes is 17-18″ to accommodate most pots up to 15 gallons. It comes with 6 feet of PVC tubing on each of the input and output tubes. The input tube has a brass female garden hose fitting on the end. To connect it to a typical kitchen faucet, you may need an adapter sold as an accessory.”

Note that you can also get these with the top bent up for install through the lid of a larger fermenter for those who want to use chilling liquid for fermentation control.

As of this posting, this wort chiller is marked down $20 to $69.99.  Check Brew Hardware for up to the minute price and availability.


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