ToteGlass German Made Swing Top Growlers – $27.99 – Own It, Best Crowd Reaction I’ve Received


Metal Handle Faceted Growler – 2 liter via Adventures in Homebrew

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Standard Handle Amber Growler 2 Liter

Tote Glass flip-top growlers come in classic ergonomic designs that make it easy for customers to carry a generous portion of your best brew all the way home.

• 4 Bar inner pressure guaranteed
• Stainless steel straps ensure a safe carry
• Aluminum alloy handle is light but durable
• All components quality-made in Germany


I own this growler.  I own a lot of growlers and portable beer delivery devices.  A lot.  To date, this is the only growler that I’ve received ooh’s and ah’s when I’ve used it.  I opened up the swing top at a get-together and it popped open and the ooh’s and ah’s were expressed.  Really high quality growler that has lasted me years and years.

  • Adventures in Homebrewing has launched a massive Fall Warehouse Sale.  Items are discounted by up to 80%.  No coupon code is required.  Check the sale page, link below, for current price, selection and availability.
  • AIH Fall Warehouse Sale!
  • This is included in the mix and marked down to $27.99.
  • I don’t recall ever featuring this in the past… why?  Because AIH used to charge calculated shipping on this growler and for whatever reason, shipping was exorbitant.  That’s changed as it’s now (at least as of this posting) part of their free shipping promo…
  • Stacks With Free Shipping:  As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing is offering free shipping on most orders of $55 or more with a few exclusions. 
  • An easy filler item, if you’re for help to qualify for free shipping… 4 lbs of PBW

ToteGlass Metal Handle Faceted Growler – 2 liter – Made in GermanyAIH Fall Warehouse Sale!

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing sale

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