Burton Water Salts, 1/3 Ounce – 83 cents

Burton Water Salts 1/3 Oz.

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Burton Water Salts 1/3 Oz.

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More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Burton Water Salts 1/3 Oz. Burton Water Salts are used to harden the water you make your beer with, imitating the water of the Burton brewing region of Brittan. The gypsum additive of the Burton Water Salts makes the hop bitterness more crisp. Unlike gypsum which only provides calcium for hardness, Burton Water Salts also adds magnesium for yeast nutrition. The Burton Water Salts also add a full bodied taste which adds a better mouth feel. Burton Water Salts makes clarifying agents like Irish Moss and Whirlfloc perform better, warding against chill haze.


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