Free Shipping on 100+ Wine Kits AND up to $37.50 bonus rewards – EDLP workaround

As of this posting, Adventures in Homebrewing has a selection of 100+ wine kits that are being offered with free shipping to the contiguous US.  Check AIH for up to the minute price and availability.

Some time ago AIH marked most of these kits EDLP.  That means Everyday Low Price and it also means most of these kits no longer work with promos.  My guess is that’s probably related to MAP – Minimum Advertised Price – agreements.  So, beyond free shipping, no discounts can be had.  Wait… workaround…

Stacks With: For a limited time, AIH is giving bonus rewards points based on your purchase total.  Those can add up to an 750 points in rewards on top of the 5% or so you already get.  That’s based on order total.  The 750 represents orders of $250 or more.  You also get the regular points that each product gets, so, a $250 order = 1,000 points or $50 back toward a future purchase.  It should be relatively easy for winemakers to get the full amount, get your next two or three kits and you’ve probably qualified and… free shipping is still in play.

Free Shipping on Wine Kits from AIH | More Info – Bonus Pts at AIH!

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing sale

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