2 x 7 Gallon Fermonster Fermentors + Stoppers and Airlocks – $73.54, $29.42 + Free Shipping & Hands on Review

FerMonster XL Plastic 7 Gallon 26 L PET Wide Mouth Carboy with Stopper & Airlock

FerMonster XL Plastic 7 Gallon 26 L PET Wide Mouth Carboy with Stopper & Airlock

From the offering description: “The 7 Gallon FerMonster is brilliantly clear with built-in 5-gallon, 6-gallon and 7-gallon markers on the side for your convenience.  The 4″ wide mouth opening and rib-less sides make mixing and cleaning a breeze. Requires a #10 stopper or medium bung.”

  • Comes with an air-tight ONE PIECE lid with a hole that will take a #10 stopper or Medium Bung.
  • There are no ribs, only smooth sides, so no yeast or sediment will adhere to walls during fermentation.
  • Completely taste and odour-free. It is also stain resistant.
  • Impermeable to oxygen. Comes with 5-Gallon, 6-Gallon and 7-Gallon easy-to-read markings on the side.
  • Also they are big enough so you can use them as your Primary Fermenter.
  • #10 Drilled Stopper and Air Lock Included

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FerMonster XL Plastic 7 Gallon 26 L PET Wide Mouth Carboy with Stopper & Airlock

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