1,100 Watt Sous Vide Precision Immersion Circulator [Digital Recirculating Heat Stick]

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Sous Vide Precision Cooker 1100W IPX7 waterproof Immersion Circulator by KitcheBoss

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Make each meal more refined:Because our sous vide cooker allows water 3D circulate in the time and temperature range you set.This more refined operation can make your ingredients more delicious, rather than wasting your expensive ingredients. Our sous vide machine cleaning is more convenient and it has IPX7 certification.
  • IPX7 certification: The machine is designed to be IP7 Class waterproof.KitchenBoss sous vide cooker guarantees safer operation and much longer service,free from the risk of vapour permeating through the inner machine.
  • Countdown display light bar:In operating mode, before the water reaches the set temperature, the LED lights in the light bar will display the cooking progress in succession; when the water reaches the set temperature, the uppermost light in the light bar will be lit. Every time 10% of the set cooking time is passed, the previous LED light will go out and the next LED light will continuously flash. When the set cooking time is reached, the machine will automatically stop and enter standby mode.
  • Easier to use: just attach the sous vide cooker to any pot, add water, drop in your ingredients in a sealed bag, Simple interface on the device to set the time and temperature manually and hit “ON”.
  • SECURE 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We offer 2-Year Warranty and excellent customer service,which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy its quality and durability.


Possible brewing uses could include: getting and keeping strike water at temp, direct use (with a filter bag in a mash tun or BIAB mash), maintaining temperature for sour mashes and getting to a boil more quickly (or helping to maintain a boil) for both all grain and extract batches.  Note that homebrewing is, generally speaking, not the intended purpose of this device.  Contact the manufacturer with questions about suitability for your application.

I have a Sous Vide Cooker from Anova (completely different model).  Check out my First Looks Post on that.  Anova also has an article on their website about brewing with the Anova One.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker 1100W IPX7 waterproof Immersion Circulator

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