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Session Beers by Jennifer Talley – Available for Pre-Order

Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance

Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance by Jennifer Talley

About: “Sharing a beer or two with friends after work or play is one of life’s many joys. Session beers, whose mild strength invites more than one round, adhere to high quality standards and are dedicated to balance and drinkability above all. Some naturally low-alcohol beer styles were “sessionable” long before that word was coined, but brewers have reinvented traditionally stronger classic beer styles to make them, too, well-suited to casual drinking sessions. Responsible consumption of these high-quality, easy-drinking beers gives beer lovers the freedom to celebrate community and friendship while consuming less alcohol. Such beers can be challenging to brew, but they present many opportunities to showcase skill, flavor, and refreshment. Session Beers explores the history behind some of the world’s greatest session beers, past and present. Learn about the brewing processes and ingredients to master recipe development. Explore popular craft session beer recipes from some of the best brewmasters in America, and discover why beer drinkers enjoy exploring and drinking session beers.”

7/17/17 8 AM Central: This title is available on pre-order and is covered by a pre-order price guarantee.  Check out the product page more details on that. This is selling for $18.30.  Shipping to most US addresses is also free with Prime Membership [Try Prime for Free] or a qualifying order. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  See Recent Amazon Finds and our Amazon Fillers Resource Page to help you put together an order that qualifies for free shipping.

Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance

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Today Only: Session Recipes on Sale at MoreBeer

from MoreBeer…

“As the weather starts to warm up its time to start thinking about brewing a refreshing, easy drinking beer. If you love hops and are looking for something you can sip on all day we highly recommend checking out both of these kits.

The Obsession IPA weighs in at just under 5% ABV but packs a punch at 58-62 estimated IBU’s. With the use of Centennial and Simcoe hops you will get an intense citrus/lemon aroma blended with earthy/danky notes to balance. The use of white wheat and acidulated malt will give you a nice frothy head and make those hops really pop! All of these attributes left one of our reviewers saying “This could be my summer go-to beer”. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think in our feedback section.

The Citra Session Pale Ale is perfect to sip on while BBQ’ing or working around the yard at a low 4% ABV. With it’s use of Maltodextrin and Crystal 10 it will have the body and balance you are looking for without the high ABV. The use of Citra for all the Aroma additions will give big notes of Grapefruit, Lime and Passion fruit. One of our reviewers said this about the Citra Session Pale Ale kit “I would recommend this to anyone who wanted something with that IPA aroma but easy drinkability”. Fire up your system for a brew session and try this Session Pale Ale out for yourself.”

Today only promo code SESSION5 takes $5 off these kits.  Includes both extract and all grain kits and your order ships free to most US addresses with a $59 order.

Session Ale Recipe Kit at MoreBeer – remember coupon code SESSION5

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

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Five Star PBW Cleaner at Amazon

New: Citra Session Pale Ale from MoreBeer

Citra Session Pale Ale, available in both extract and all grain versions from MoreBeer.

About: “One of our most refreshing ingredient kits available! The Citra Session is a low ABV, low SRM pale ale. The thing we love the most about this kit is that the citra hop profile comes through beautifully and is able to shine due to a basic malt bill, low ABV, and clean bitterness from our magnum hops.

If you’re looking for a clean, hoppy beer that you’d be able to have a couple of without the IPA buzz, the Citra Session Pale Ale should definitely be on your radar!”

Citra Session Pale Ale from MoreBeer  – Ships free with a $59 order

What’s going on at MoreBeer Today?  Today’s Deal of the Day | Sale Items

AlsoMoreBeer Clone Recipe Kits – Heady Topper, Sculpin, Zombie Dust & Lots More

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20% Off Swingin’ Blonde Ale for HBF Readers


Just in time for warmer weather, Home Brew Supply is taking a generous 20% off their Swingin’ Blonde Ale Kits.  Applies to both All Grain and Extract Versions.

20% Off Swingin’ Blonde Ale – use coupon code HBS0416

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Big Little Guy IPA – Session IPA, Inspired by Founder’s All Day IPA

Big Little Guy Session IPA

Big Little Guy Session IPA is available in both Extract and All Grain.  It is a session IPA inspired by Founder’s All Day IPA.

Session IPAs are generally lower gravity beers that are hopped to the same level as a typical IPA.  Great for warmer weather.  The extract version is also set up for a quick and easy 20 minute boil.

Features – Pale Malt, Crystal 20L and 60L, Dark wheat malt, flaked oats along wit Amarillo, Simcoe and Crystal Hops.

Check out the product pages for more information including full instructions and recipes on the product documentation tab.

Check it out: Extract and All Grain

Update: GF has a 20% Sale going on right now that applies to Big Little Guy IPA

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Bundles With: $8.99 Flat Rate Shipping

More from Great Fermentations:

New Glarus Spotted Cow Clone Recipe… $18.49

 851083 - Spotted Cow Clone (Partial-Mash)

This clone recipe of New Glarus Brewing Company’s Spotted Cow via RiteBrew is selling for just $18.49.  It features 2 row malt, flaked barley, flaked corn, gold DME and Willamette Hops.  Yeast is an additional cost – Kolsch Style yeast is recommended.   Note that this is a partial mash recipe.

This cloudy farmhouse ale should have an OG of around 1.049 (approx 4.8% ABV), color of about 4 SRM and have around 19 IBUs.  Perfect for… A summer day.

851083 – Spotted Cow Clone (Partial-Mash) – $18.49

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Blonde Ale Extract Beer Kit – $20.99


Product Description – Here – Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here to see if this is still available.

Description: Makes 5 gallons,  A Blonde Ale is a great starter beer for those who are new to craft beer. An easy drinking ale, low in esters, balanced with enough hop character to accentuate the malt profile. We brew this beer for big party events.  Estimated Original Gravity:1.044-48.  SRM Color Range: 8.  IBU’s: 14-18.  Estimated Alcohol Percentage: 4.5% (keep reading)

Blonde Ale – Extract Beer Kit – KIT132$25.99 $20.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

This ships for free as part of MoreBeer’s Free Shipping Promo.  Grab your next recipe kit – See: BrewMaster SeriesBrewing Pliny, some gear, something that’s on sale or clearance and put together a $59 order to get free shipping.

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