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Rhizomes – $3.99 + Free Shipping Eligible


It’s not too late to get rhizomes.  Beer & Wine Hobby has several varieties available including – Magnum, Galena, Columbus, Willamette  Centennial, Mt Hood, Nugget, Chinook and Crystal.

They are marked down to $3.99 each and qualify for B&W’s Free Shipping.  They ship for free when you put together a qualifying $49 order.

Rhizome Sale at Beer & Wine Hobby

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Great Deal on 8 lb PBW – $38.99… $4.87/lb


Beer & Wine Hobby has a great price on the 8 lb size of my favorite homebrew cleaner… PBW.  The 8 lb refill (bagged) is selling for just $38.99.  That figures to just $4.87 per lb.  Note that you need to choose the 8 lb refill option on the product page.

For some pricing clarity – this beats all but one 50 lb option in our [as of 8/2015 update] PBW Buying Guidance Post.  You would need to spend well over $200 to get below this price per lb.

Put together a $49 order and this also ships for free.

8 lb PBW – POWDERY BREWERY WASH – $38.99 + Free Shipping with $49 order

Also at Beer & Wine Hobby – 8 of their most popular recipe kits on sale | $34.99 Italian Glass Carboys | 20% Off Apple Cider Kit

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Beer & Wine Hobby: 15% Off Italian Made Glass Carboys + Rhizomes Shipping


Beer & Wine Hobby has marked down 5 gallon Italian made glass carboys by 15%.  That discount should be reflected on the product page if it’s still going on.  No coupon code is required.  They also still have rhizomes available to order.

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speidelSpeidel Fermenters • Hands on Review

Stacking Deals on FastFerment Conical Fermenters


Buy a FastFerment Starter Kit from Beer & Wine Hobby (either beer or wine) and they’ll give you a free $10 gift card with each FF starter kit purchased.  This also bundles with FastFerment’s free accessory promo.  With that the manufacturer will send you a free accessory when you buy a FastFerment.

FastFerment at Beer & Wine Hobby | Free Accessory from FastBrewing

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Free Shipping on Blichmann BoilerMaker Kettles & False Bottoms + Reader Bonus


Blichmann’s BoilerMaker G2 Kettle is my go-to kettle for full size brews.  It’s an awesome kettle.  Check out my Hands on Review

Beer & Wine Hobby is shipping all sizes of G2 Kettles for free.  They are also shipping Blichmann False Bottoms for free.

If you add the phrase HOMEBREWFINDS in the order notes, Beer & Wine Hobby will also send you a $5 Beer & Wine Hobby coupon toward a future purchase



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Two Winemaking Deals at Beer & Wine Hobby


Beer & Wine Hobby is discounting select Winexpert Wine Kits by 20%.  From Beer & Wine Hobby: “These Winexpert kits are best made within 24 months and we’re clearing them out! While many kits were made in 2014, all born-on dates are within the freshness window. Our loss is your gain!”

I’ve received word that inventory on this sale is low.

Check out the full selection – Winexpert Clearance at Beer & Wine Hobby

Beer & Wine Hobby has Malolactic Bacteria marked down to just $5.49.  Shipping on that is free with a qualifying $49 order.

About: “WLP675 Malolactic Bacteria: Malolactic Fermentation is the conversion of malic acid to lactic acid by bacteria from the lactic acid bacteria family. Lactic acid is less acidic than malic acid which in turn decreases acidity and helps to soften and/or round out some of the flavors in wine. These liquid cultures are available in vials to inoculate 6 gallons or 1 liter sizes to inoculate 60 gallons.”


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20% Off Four New Beer Kits from Beer & Wine Hobby


Four new release beer kits from Beer & Wine Hobby are marked down 20% as part of a celebration of 45 years in business.  Selections include…

All ship for free with a qualifying $49 order.

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