Stainless Carbonation Cap + Spare O-Ring + Draft Line Cleaning Builds

Hombrew soft drink PET Bottle Filling Stainless Steel Carbonation / Line Cleaning

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Use it to counter pressure bottle fill PET bottles
  • Made of stainless steel material,makes it easier than ever to carbonate your beverages
  • make sure that your beverage is very cold so that the CO2 can be absorbed much faster
  • Carbonate,cleaning your beer lines
  • Easy to install and use,with extra o-ring for replacement

PET Bottles as Growlers: These are generally intended to convert 1L and 2L bottles to growlers.  Fill up a 1L or 2L PET bottle with your favorite homebrew.  Put one of these on (purge the headspace by squeezing if you want to) and then pressurize for transport.  This should help to reduce oxygen pickup and maintain carbonation levels.

Fine tune or rapidly carbonate beer: You can also use this cap to rapidly carbonate beer.  Same process as for transport, just set your regulator to the proper pressure and shake or agitate the PET bottle to help introduce CO2.  Or hook it up to CO2 and let it sit in you kegerator.

I use a similar carbonation cap (different model, manufacturer and potentially different specs) in two line cleaning builds – Build A Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump | Mark II Keg and Carboy Cleaner Draft Line Cleaning Pump Conversion – Note: as of this posting, the description doesn’t specifically say this particular model works with both gas and liquid QDs, It does talk about line cleaning.  Check the product page for current description.

Hombrew soft drink PET Bottle Filling Stainless Steel Carbonation / Line Cleaning

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