5 x Mangrove Jack’s M44 West Coast Yeast – $19.99

Mangrove Jack’s M44 US West Coast Ale Yeast.  I’ve been using M44 for beers that I would normally use US-05 with great results.  This has become my go to dry yeast for pale ales and IPAs.

About… “A top fermenting ale strain suitable for American style ales. This yeast produces an exceptionally clean flavour, ideal for when you want the hop character to really punch through.  Suitable for American style pale ale, American double IPA, American style imperial stout and more.”

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $19.99. Shipping is an additional fee, but there is a lower fee for each additional item shipped.  Example – shipping for me for one set of 5 packs is $3.85, while shipping for two sets is just 90 cents more or $4.75. Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

5 Pcs of Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series M44 US West Coast Yeast, 1 Pc/6 US Gal

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Mangrove Jack’s Dry Yeast at William’s Brewing