New… Marked Kettles with Welded Ports – 10 and 15 Gallons


Adventures in Homebrewing has long carried kettles with welded ports.  These ports are 1/2″ NPT full coupling and welded into place. There’s no drilling a hole yourself and no messing with weldless kits. Full coupling means that it’s threaded on both the inside and the outside of the kettle. That allows you to add a ball valve on the outside and, if you’d like, a pickup tube or screen on the inside.

They have just added 10 and 15 gallon models that 8_gal_one_weld_marked_pot_inner_markingshave the welded port along with etched volume markings on the inside.  Interior markings are at 1/4″ gallon increments.  These kettles start at just $79.99.

15 gallon Marked Pot with One weld

10 gal Marked Pot with One Weld

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2 thoughts on “New… Marked Kettles with Welded Ports – 10 and 15 Gallons

  1. Mike O.

    I’ve been waiting for AIH to do this, but I’m really looking for a 2 Weld 15 Gal. Do you know if they have any plans to start selling one of those?


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