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I put up a post on these yesterday, proposing the possibility of using them as an economical carbonator cap.  Since then, I’ve been contacted by the manufacturer.

Carbonation caps have been used to pressurize beer beer in 1L and 2L PET bottles for easy transport for quite some time.  These bottles are cheap, essentially free, hold pressure well and are super durable.  Two or three designs have been around for quite some time.  Check out the Also Consider section for more on those.

From the manufacturer: “Use a conical tip/nozzle with my clear valves. The conical tip does not fully penetrate the valve. It is positioned in the center hole on top of the valve (the head of the nail, so to speak), resting there while dispensing co2. That way, only clean co2 flows through the valve. This reduces the chance of contamination from a soiled tip. It’s a sanitation objective. Caps are good for at least 100 uses. Star San can be used to sanitize them. But a quick rinse under warm water and drying will suffice if prepared drinks are to be consumed immediately.”

The manufacturer also makes it clear that the valves they are using are not “football valves” and that you cannot use a typical inflation needle with them.  Using an inflation needle will immediately break the caps.  You need to use a conical/tip nozzle type of attachment.

All this considered.  This cap has the makings of a great carbonation cap!

Here’s a video that walks through putting something together using a paintball tank:


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  1. Anonymous

    So can you use that blowgun kit to charge a bottle with the cap or do you have to get the fizz giz device and modify it?


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