Roundup of Recent Kindle Homebrewing Book Finds… 80% to 92% Discounts

In the past couple of days, Amazon has had some really great deals on homebrewing Kindle titles.  Here’s a quick roundup…

Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great-Tasting Beer [Kindle Edition] - $2.51!  (Save 85%)

The Homebrewer’s Answer Book Kindle Ebook - $2.99 (Save 80%)

Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink [Kindle Edition] - $2.99 (Save 82%)

CloneBrews, 2nd Edition: Recipes for 200 Commercial Beers [Kindle Edition] - $2.51 (Save 87%)

Beer Tasting: Quick Reference Guide - $1.99 (Save 92%)

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