WineEasy System by Blichmann Engineering

from MoreWine!:

MoreWine! is excited to add the WineEasy by Blichmann Engineering to our product line up. The WineEasy is a totally new approach to fermenting and pressing red wines.

At the heart of the system is a high quality stainless primary fermentor (20, 30 and 55 gal sizes). A uniquely designed false bottom located at the bottom of the fermentor allows the pomace to be separated from the wine while draining the unit. After alcoholic fermentation, the vacuum pump evacuates a carboy and applies a vacuum under the false bottom of the WineEasy fermentor. This causes atmospheric pressure to push down on the sliding piston pressing the pomace to the ideal maximum pressure of 14 PSI to avoid hard press conditions. Since this is all done without transferring the pomace to a press, and is done so in a completely closed and air tight system, oxidation and contamination are virtually eliminated.

Cleanup is as easy as scooping out the dry pomace into a container and washing out the high polish stainless steel fermentor!

Key Features:

  • No messy transfers to a secondary fermentor
  • Less risk of contamination and oxidation
  • Great press efficiency
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Simple mess-free cleanup
  • Produce consistently superb wines

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2 thoughts on “WineEasy System by Blichmann Engineering

  1. Anonymous

    heh heh! I got a really sweet false bottom on my tamale pot from wally world. embarrassed to say how much I paid for it one the same page as this shiny thing though…

  2. Anonymous

    Only blichmann could make something a, extremely complicated, and b, extremely expensive and call it “the wineeasy.”

    Their stuff is nice, but you pay the price. That’s a rhyme and its no crime.


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