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We’re excited to announce that Brad Probert has come on board here at Homebrew Finds!  Besides having a fine beard 🙂 Brad is also an experienced homebrewer and expert reviewer.  Look new reviews from Brad right here on Homebrew Finds!

More about Brad:

I’ve been homebrewing since the beginning of 2006. I’d been a long time beer fanatic for years prior to that, having my eyes opened to the wider world of beer after a honeymoon trip around Ireland and forcing myself to drink Guinness every day. Yes, back then it really was an effort to force myself to drink a beer with that much flavor in it. Shortly after that, we went overseas with my work and spent 3 years in Japan and 2 years in England. That totally opened up my beer palate to crave fresh and different. Although there was more variety in the beer aisle, there was nothing that had that same fresh taste, and definitely nothing like the English Bitters I had grown to love. And that’s what spurred me into trying homebrew- to make something I couldn’t get in the stores.

I started the typical way, with a homebrew kit in a box and some extract kits. In those early years, I loved the creation process and the smells and tastes of my in process brews, but the finished product left a lot to be desired. I grew weary of staring at 48 bottles of mediocre beer that I made, knowing there were 6-packs of new and delicious offerings on the store shelves. I decided before calling it quits, I’d try all-grain. Eureka! That notable extract sweetness that gave my beer that telltale “amateur” flavor was gone. I was re-energized in brewing and back into it with a lot more passion.

I’m an engineer at Ford, working on high-voltage batteries in our next generation of electric cars. I love the work, but it can easily become too over-consuming so I dove into homebrewing with more intensity to grow an outside-of-work hobby to offset the at-work intensity. In addition to brewing, I’ve also been writing for various print and online beer publications, and even organized a few craft beer-centric events.

I find a good match between homebrewing and being an engineer. I love the process of trying to create the exact taste/aroma/experience I dream up in an actual beer. That’s always what drives me on to the next recipe- what to modify in something I made before, or what new thing I want to try. And I enjoy figuring out the science of the process & equipment to give me the most repeatable and predictable results. I get just as much enjoyment out of the brew day as I do the beer sampling day!

Check out Brad’s website – beersnobby.com

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