Vinyl Vessel Decals “WATER, MASH, BOIL” – from $3.75


Vinyl vessel decals from Brew Hardware

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Every time we build a three vessel system for someone here in the shop, we put these vessel labels on the front just as a nice extra touch of class. Until now, it hadn’t occurred to us that a lot of you would also appreciate the ability to DIY.

These labels are made from black 7-year outdoor rated vinyl so they can stand up to the heat and repeated washings.

You have a choice of either the bold or stylish fonts as seen in the picture. The letters are about 1.5″ high.


These are $3 each.  If you buy 4, you’ll automatically receive a 25% discounting making them $3.75 each.  Details on that promotion can be found on the Vinyl Decals landing page.


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