VineCo Niagara Mist Mango Strawberry Wine Making Kit… on sale for $52.49

Mango Strawberry Wine Making Kit – VineCo Niagara Mist™

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The VineCo Niagara Mist lineup offers a crisp, easy-drinking alternative to more traditional winemaking kits. These fruit-forward wine kits are all about capturing the refreshing essence of juicy ripe fruit. Light and crisp and offered in a full assortment of reds, whites, and rosés. Niagara Mist wines are easily enjoyed on their own, but also work well as the base for punches or wine spritzers.

An irresistible flavor tag team of fresh mango and sweet, sun ripened strawberries. Niagara Mist Mango Strawberry is a light-bodied, sweet white wine with an alcohol level of 6% by volume.

Mango Strawberry

Mango, sweet strawberries
Sweetness: Sweet
Oak: None
Body: Light
ABV: 6%
Kit Volume: 6 L
Approximate Yield: 23 L
Ready to bottle in 4 weeks


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Mango Strawberry Wine Making Kit – VineCo Niagara Mist™

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