TRUE Weldless Bulkheads from!


True Weldless bulkheads are available in a number of configurations for varied applications.  The 5/8″ Barb version is included in their Cooler Conversion Kit.  I’ve used that extensively

If you’ve dealt with other weldless kits and bulkheads you’ll know that typically a certain finesse is required when installing.  They can be a bit of a pain to to get working correctly and can require some adjustments over time to keep leaks under control.  Depending on the design “just tight enough” is really close to “too tight, your o-ring just popped out”.  True Weldless bulkheads – at least the style I have – are well thought out, well built and you can actually tighten them down.

A real issue with these and a lot of other stuff that Brew Hardware carries is availability.  They seem to struggle.  Along with that offerings can change quickly.

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