TM DESANAMAX – Closed System Color Indicating Caustic Cleaner

TM Desanamax, color indicating cleaner.

About from William’s Brewing: “Cleaning a closed system, whether it be a draft line, plate chiller, or pump, is always a little uncertain. How do you know for sure you have effectively cleaned the interior of something you cannot access?

Here is where TM DESENAMAX comes in. This patented color indicating caustic cleaner for closed brewing systems is initially purple when mixed, which changes to green or yellow after it removes organic deposits from a closed system. To be sure your closed system is clean after this initial cleaning, flush out the spent green or yellow cleaner and refill with fresh purple cleaner – when it comes out purple the second time, you can be sure your system is clean. Each 1.5 oz pack makes 1.5 gallons of working solution. Be sure to rinse with water before using your closed system.”

As of this posting, this is selling for $2.99 per dose.  Buy 8 or more and the price drops 40 cents to $2.59 each.  Check William’s Brewing for current price and availability.

TM Desanamax at William’s Brewing

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