ThermoWorks RT600C Super Fast Thermometer – $20.40, 15% off + Hands on Review


RT600C Digital thermometer [Review – previous version] from ThermoWorks makers of the nearly universally lauded Thermapen

Features: Highest accuracy in its class, to ±0.9°F (±0.5°C), Range from -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C)
IP65 waterproof rating, 5-6 second Super-Fast® probe, 4.7-inch probe length for deeper reach
5,000-hour battery life, 2-year warranty.

This is a great home brewing thermometer that I can confidently recommend.  It’s accurate, has a quick response time and it is waterproof.  Waterproof as in… toss it in the dishwasher kind of waterproof.  Take the temperature of your strike water, mash, sparge water, starter wort and lots more.

More About the RT600C

The RT600C digital pocket thermometer has been Rated #1 by a leading Cook’s Magazine. This ThermoWorks digital pocket thermometer reads temperatures in just 5 seconds. A Super-Fast® digital thermometer, the RT600C is currently in use in thousands of restaurants, food plants, labs and is carried by health inspectors worldwide. It’s the perfect instant-read thermometer, and the affordable choice for home or commercial use. Now in 3 colors!

Improved Accuracy
The RT600C is a super accurate pocket thermometer that’s accurate to ±0.9°F – up to 212°F. This accuracy is only found in professional thermometers. The RT600C has been thoroughly tested against NIST-traceable standards.

The RT600C digital pocket thermometer is faster than any other thermometer in this price range! The reduced tip is only 1/16″ diameter and complies with USDA meat thermometer requirements. Fully speed-tested in the ThermoWorks Standards Lab to ensure the thermometer reaches within 1°F of the final temperature in only 5-6 seconds (at any temperature in the range).

Long 4.7-inch Probe
Reach into the center of roasts and keep hands away from hot surfaces with the 4.7-inch probe. Store the RT600C when not in use with a convenient probe cover which doubles as an extension handle for an even longer reach.

Longer Battery Life
The RT600C digital pocket thermometer uses a reliable CR2032 battery with circuit improvements to reliably allow for 5,000 hours of continuous thermometer use between battery changes.

Max/Min Function
The RT600C digital pocket thermometer saves the highest and lowest temperatures since your last reset. The thermometer is great for checking dishwasher, fridge or freezer temps. When you pull your roast or turkey from the oven, insert the instant-read thermometer and leave it while the meat rests so you know the highest temperature reading. Max/Min records the high and low over a period of up to 1 hour, when the auto-off shuts the unit down. Max/Min will start with new values when the thermometer is turned back on.

Auto-Off after 1 Hour
If left on, the RT600C digital pocket thermometer will automatically shut down after 1 hour; still long enough to make the Max/Min function useful. What good is Max/Min memory if the thermometer turns off too soon? If you need to record Max/Min for longer than 1 hour, see the RT600B, that does not have an Auto-Off feature, for recording over longer periods.

Tough Commercial Design
The RT600C digital pocket thermometer has been designed with minimal food and grime traps. Rubberized button panels are sealed and withstand temperatures to 190°F (for commercial dishwasher testing). No welded or braised joints on the thermometer probe that would shelter microbes or create likely breakage points. The RT600C is designed to survive short term, shallow immersion – you can wash the thermometer under the tap or use it with wet hands. Rated to IP65. NSF approved for use in commercial food applications.

The RT600C comes with a two-year coverage on material and workmanship including any failure in the thermometer circuit. Includes online, email and phone access to the ThermoWorks technical service group.


As of this posting, this is selling for $24. Check ThermoWorks for current price and availability.

Stacks With: ThermoWorks has discounted everything they carry site-wide by 15%  This also bundles with existing specials and sales.  No coupon code is necessary.  Discount will be automatically added in your cart. That deal makes this great thermometer $20.40.

RT600C Super-Fast® Pocket Thermometer

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