ThermoWorks 24″! Long Stem Digital Thermometer – $29, Save $20! + Hands on Review

Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 24-inch (RT610B-24)

24″ Long Stem Digital Thermometer manufactured by ThermoWorks, creators of the nearly universally lauded Thermapen.

24″ is long enough for most mash tuns to check temperature without any concern of getting the thermometer body wet.  I have both of these.  See: Hands on Review: ThermoWorks 12″ and 24″ Digital Thermometers – RT610B-12 and RT610B-24

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One thought on “ThermoWorks 24″! Long Stem Digital Thermometer – $29, Save $20! + Hands on Review

  1. Anonymous

    I would not recommend this product. I had the 12″ version. It was inaccurate, always reading 1-3 degrees higher than my other thermometers. But the major defect was that it does not have an auto-off feature. If you forget to turn it off, or the button gets bumped in a storage container, it will remain on indefinitely. If it truly had a 5,000 hour battery life, it wouldn’t be a problem, but the battery in mine would die in a few days. Also, it takes an odd battery type that I could not find anywhere but Radio Shack or Fry’s. I would not recommend this product.


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