ThermoWorks Industrial Infrared Thermometer – $58, Save 34%

Industrial IR Thermometer with Circle Laser, IRK-2 Infrared Thermometer from ThermoWorks.

About: “The IRK Infrared Thermometer has been a favorite professional tool for broad range temperature measurements among industry and home use. Our new IRK-2 includes all the great features of the IRK now with new circle laser IR targeting, larger LCD display, and higher temperature range.”

  • NEW! Circle laser for better targeting
  • High quality 12:1 optics
  • IR range to 1022°F (550°C)
  • Reads type K probes
  • Adjustable emissivity
  • Max/Min, C/F, Avg, Alarm

Since this is no touch, you can check the temp of yeast washing and yeast rehydration water and your starter wort without the risk of infection.  I find mine particularly useful for rehydrating yeast.

Infrared thermometers should not be considered a direct replacement for a conventional thermometer.  A quality IR thermometer will give you a close approximation of surface temperatures.  Note that steam seems to throw off readings.  Uses include: Contained yeast rehydration water, chilled wort or starter temperature, kegerator, fermenter or fermentation area and beer tasting samples.  If you’re looking for a great conventional thermometer consider Thermapen ONEHands on Review

As of this posting, this is marked down 34% from $89 to $58.  I’m late picking this up, it’s running today only.  Check ThermoWorks for current price and availability.

Industrial IR with Circle Laser (IRK-2)

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