The Stainless Steel Maximizer Pickup Tube… $3 via Keg Outlet Clearance Sale

Maximizer for Boil and Hot liquor Kettle (2 3/4"L x 1/3" I.D. Tube)From Keg Outlet:

Welcome to “The Outlet”! Items in this section are heavily discounted final sale items. These items are either returns, blemished, lightly used, or unused products that have been replaced by newer versions. If you see an item that you might be interested in, ask questions quickly and/or place an order because most of the items that you’ll see here will be final stock with limited quantities available.

Visit Keg Outlet’s Clearance Sale

This sale discounts the pictured Maximizer for Boil and Hot liquor Kettle (2 3/4″L x 1/3″ I.D. Tube) to just $3.  Volatile availability, check the clearance page for current availability.

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