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For years I’ve had people reach out wondering asking how they can support me and say thanks. My answer has always been… send us tips and spread the word about Homebrew Finds. Those are both still vary important and much appreciated.

I’m happy to say we finally have another option… Patreon!

At this point I have four tiers setup – $3, $5, $10 and $20. All tiers currently share the same benefit, I’ll give you a special heads up via Patreon whenever an outstanding deal comes along. These curated, hand picked notifications will be for the best of the best, in particular, deals I think have the potential to sell out quickly.

Thank you in advance. Homebrew Finds is run by me, a homebrewer and craft beer lover named Chris. It comes to you from my basement, my driveway, my garage and sometimes my back patio. I’m a homebrewer that saw a need years ago and have tried to fill that need.

I want to emphasize that Homebrew Finds is and will always be free. There is no need to support me on Patreon to use the site. This is a way to help me make ends meet and allow people to say thanks.

Support Homebrew Finds on Patreon

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