Save 15% on Great Fermentations Top Selling Kit – Brain Eater Pale Ale – Zombie Dust Clone

zombie dust clone

About Brain Eater, from Great Fermentations: “It’s the beer of the living dead! This Zombie Dust Clone is loaded with Citra hops that invigorate the senses and engage the palate. A very light first wort hop addition keeps the bitterness down, while hop-bursting the beer and aggressively dry hopping with Citra hops give it a very pronounced hop flavor and aroma. The bite of Citra is offset by crystal 60L and melanoidin malts, which contribute body, sweetness and character to the beer, A touch of carapils for body and foam stability is included as well, perfectly balancing this beer. Delicious and inviting, Brain Eater Pale Ale is sure to please your hopheaded friends. It is the perfect beer for the impending zombie apocalypse!”.

As of this posting, Great Fermentation’s Brain Eater Pale Ale Kit (the extract version) is their #1 best selling kit.

Brain Eater Pale Ale | 15% off at Great Fermentations

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