Pair Heat Resistant Gloves [brew day, bbq & beyond]

JENPOS BBQ Gloves - 1472°F Thicken Heat Resistant Gloves w/S-Hook 14 in Kitchen Oven Mitts Waterproof Grill Gloves Oil Resistant Grilling Gloves Cooking Gloves for Turkey Fryer/Baking/Oven/Smoker

Pair Heat Resistant Gloves

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  • 🔥Food-Grade BBQ Gloves: Heat Resistance Gloves that keep your hands safe. Made with Food-Grade neoprene, grilling gloves resist heat up to 1472℉. 14 IN Long Sleeve Pit Grill Gloves protecting your hands and forearm while kitchen cooking, grilling outdoors, or handling hot items.
  • 🔥Premium Cooking & Oven Mitts: All in one smoker gloves, meat gloves, BBQ grill gloves, barbeque gloves or oven mitts. Jenpos BBQ gloves insulated textured palm & non-slip five-finger flex design, so you can handle wet or greasy meat in your smoker or BBQ and make pulled pork or turkey frying like the pros. Easily grab a pizza stone or a cast iron handle at cooking. Enjoy success in the kitchen whether you're a professional chef, griller or amateur cooker.
  • 🔥Liquid & Steam Resistant: High-quality waterproof gloves with neoprene coating is resistant to heat, fire, liquid and steam, helping you remove the food from hot boiling water or hot steam easily. Don't worry about the hot water or steam immersed in the grilling gloves and burn your hands. Oven gloves with double-layer soft cotton liner provides comfortable fitting and insulation from heat, which fits loosely so your hands stay cool and comfortable while tending to your bbq and baking.
  • 🔥Versatile Grill Accessories: Our high-temperature cooking gloves are Multi-Function, perfect for handling hot pots and pans, stuff from the oven, microwave, instant pot, fryer etc. In a set, you will get a pair of heat-resistant cooking gloves, that come with an S-hook, which helps you hang the gloves anywhere. BBQ gloves with S-hook are suitable for all grilling occasions, fireplace, cooking, baking, microwave, etc., are ideal camping grill accessories for men or big-size women.
  • 🔥Easy To Clean: Neoprene gloves for BBQ are easy to Clean. After use, you just need a little soap washing the high temp resists gloves like washing your hands. Feature with hoops design makes it easy for you to hang them on a hook, which is hanging to dry easily and helps you to store.
  • 🔥Warm Tips: New neoprene gloves will have some smell, if you mind, please open and hang in a ventilated place to dissipate the smell before use. Please test in cold water to prevent any defects in the gloves!

From HBF:

Always exercise caution when working with hot ingredients and gear.

Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions.


Handy… did you see what I did there 🙂 on brew day, around the kitchen and when you BBQ. Do you BBQ?  If so, check out my BBQ site… BBQ Finds

JENPOS BBQ Gloves – 1472°F Thicken Heat Resistant Gloves w/S-Hook 14 in Kitchen Oven Mitts Waterproof Grill Gloves Oil Resistant Grilling Gloves Cooking Gloves for Turkey Fryer/Baking/Oven/Smoker – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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  1. Chris McNally

    I had these and recently threw them out. I don’t get the love for them. The fingers are so short, they don’t fit the hand very well and they don’t flex very well. I thought they were ok, but then one developed a crack and my wife burned herself using them, due to the crack, and I just got rid of them.


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