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Another great invention coming out of Ss Brewtech, the Keg WaSsher! This is a hands free, clean in place keg washer that will make cleaning kegs one of the easiest steps of the brewing process. Gone are the days of disassembling your keg to clean it.

The cleaning process is pretty simple. Just take the keg lid off, attach the keg washer, attach both ball lock QDs, stick the whole thing upside down in a bucket full of sanitizer, turn on the pump and your keg is clean.

The Keg WaSsher is designed to fit in a standard 5 gallon bucket. It also only uses 2 gallons of cleaning solution resulting in less chemical waste and evironmental impact. If you want to get fancy, you can set up a wash station with 3 buckets to perform an initial cleaning, fresh water rinse, and sanitizer. All you have to do is lift the whole apparatus from one bucket to the next!


Hands free operation
Chemical resistant submersible pump
Attaches to common ball-lock Cornelius-style kegs w/ removable lids
Powerful CIP spray ball
Entire assembly fits in 5-gallon bucket
Cleans inside of keg and ports simultaneously
Easily attaches/detaches from kegs
Perform clean, rinse, and sanitize steps all with the same unit


Ss Brewtech gear is rare discounted.  This is marked down to $190 as a Black Friday Deal.  Save on SsBrewtech!  Most Ss Brewing Technologies gear is marked down as part of this sale!  Shipping for most items will be free, with a $59 order to addresses in the contiguous US and their Free Shipping Program.   Check MoreBeer for current price and availability.

Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher KEG322

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