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The Patent Pending QuickCarb™ from Blichmann Engineering is a revolutionary simple new way to carbonate a 5 gallon keg of beer in less than an hour! This patent pending product uses a simple circulating pump and a unique stainless steel diffusion stone to carbonate your beer precisely and quickly. And with no chance of accidentally over-carbonating your beer!


  • Circulating pump with mounting plate and keg hanging attachment
  • Stainless Steel Infusion-T with 10 Micron Stainless Steel diffusion stone
  • All necessary QuickConnectors, tubing, and fittings
  • Liquid Ball Lock Disconnect
  • Gas Ball Lock Disconnect
  • Required DC transformer and plug for the circulating pump

All you need to provide is the beer, ball lock corny keg, CO2 tank and regulator!


  • 90% carbonated and ready to drink in less than an hour with no risk of over-carbonation! Let it sit for a day for dialing in that final few percent.
  • Quiet and dependable operation.
  • Great for all beer styles!
  • All stainless diffusion stone and QuickConnector™ fittings makes cleaning a breeze
  • 10 micron stainless diffusion stone is durable, and is porous enough to allow sanitizer to fully penetrate. Other manufacturers stones are delicate and must be boiled and handled with gloves.
  • Circulating pump is gentle and is powered with a simple DC transformer (included)
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Interested in trying out inline oxygenation? Simply add an optional oxygen regulator (Item GF081DR or GF081R) and you’ll be able to use the QuickCarb™ components to oxygenate your wort before pitching your yeast!


Deals on Blichmann Gear are rare. Why? Blichmann Equipment is generally under a MAP agreement. MAP = Minimum Advertised Price.  It’s an agreement between sellers and manufacturer’s not to sell an item below a certain price.  This gear generally sells for about the same price no matter where you purchase it from and is rarely discounted.

  • As of this posting, Great Fermentations has this on sale for $179.99.
  • Great Fermentations offers Free Shipping on qualifying orders of $55 or more to addresses in the contiguous US


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