Porpoise Brewing Aeration System

Oxygenation System for Fermentation

Oxygenation System for Fermentation by Porpoise Brewing

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  • NEVER SHAKE YOUR FERMENTATION VESSEL AGAIN! – Aerating your wort has traditionally been a strenuous process of shaking your fermentation vessel in order to manually increase oxygen content. Now, our pre-assembled oxygenation kit has made introducing dissolved oxygen into your wort easier than ever!
  • OXYGENATE YOUR WORT IN JUST MINUTES – Our high efficiency 2 micron infusion stone diffuses oxygen into your wort in no time!
  • KEEP YOUR YEAST HEALTHY – Reduce fermentation lag time and reduce the chances of introducing off flavors into your beer
  • NEVER BUY AN OXYGEN TANK AGAIN – Using air is limitless and free!
  • KEEP CONTAMINATES OUT – Other methods of oxygenation can run the risk of contamination. Our pumps use an inline sanitary air filter that will keep bacteria and other contaminates from entering into your fermentation vessel.

Oxygenation/aeration generally improves the strength and vigor of your fermentations and helps to decrease lag times.  Note: This setup does not include the pictured glass carboy.

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