Oxygen Regulator – $28.95


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Oxygenation has made a noticeable difference in my fermentations.  Lag times are reduced and fermentation seems more vigorous..  1/4″ Barb Output.  Max Pressure 100 PSI.  Max Flow Rate 180 CFH.  Full Description

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Oxygen Regulator – For Disposable Tanks w/Barb FE378 – $34.95 $28.95 + Free Shipping with $59 Order

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One thought on “Oxygen Regulator – $28.95

  1. Nick

    I’ve always experienced a significant increase in lag time when using pure O2. I believe this is because the yeast spend more time multiplying because they have more oxygen to work with, and less time eating sugar, producing alcohol and CO2. But then half the stuff I read about using O2 says it should decrease lag time. Who knows!?


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