Northern Brewer Gigawort Electric Brew Kettle – on sale for $209.97

Gigawort® Electric Brew Kettle

Gigawort® Electric Brew Kettle

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Want to brew a quick batch without dragging out the gear? Got an extra hour on a weeknight and want to make the most of it? Limited brew space got you down? The Gigawort™ is the answer.

This fully portable electric brew kettle uses a standard 120 GFCI volt outlet, enabling you to brew anywhere, anytime. A fully integrated digital control ensures that steeping grains are always kept at the perfect temperature. Then simply adjust the set temperature to achieve a boil.

Gigawort 4.4 gallon capacity is ideal for both small batches and also partial-volume boils for 5 gallon batches. Full stainless steel construction is easy to clean and ensure durability.

The Gigawort utilizes our revolutionary patent-pending Iso-flow bulkhead and dip tube, which makes for trouble-free wort transferring, eliminating the need to lift and pour the wort into your fermentor. Ditch the stove and create your own custom brew cave anywhere you have an outlet.


Electric kettle, useful for steeping and boiling extract & partial mash recipes.
4.4 gallon capacity
Dual element, 1600W for heating to boiling, 600W for maintaining boil
Double walled construction for better heat retention
304 stainless steel construction
Digital temperature controller
Delayed Start feature, 3.5 hour shut-off to prevent total evaporation and safety.
EZ Clean bulkhead and valve for easy cleaning and assembly. No need for siphoning
Dimensions: 19.75″ high x 10.75″ in diameter


  • As of this posting this is on sale for just $209.97.
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Gigawort® Electric Brew Kettle sale

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