New: “Off the Topper” Vermont IIPA from Northern Brewer


Northern Brewer has just released “Off the Topper” Vermont IIPA.  The kit includes an option for Vermont Ale Yeast.

Description: In a true work of sorcery, Off the Topper creates synergy between Vermont yeast and an unprecedented flood of lupulin. Overcoming its intense origins, it is a rare, harmonious pint that is extreme only in its drinkability. Beneath the frothing, massive head lies a beacon of freshness and light in each pint. At the eye of the storm is a dry and crisp body. Complex and delicious, Off the Topper balances bitterness with well-attenuated yeast that work together to weather the hurricane of hops.

It’s available in both extract and all grain.

Check it out – Here

News!: I’m excited to relay the information that ZX Ventures has sold it’s stake in Northern Brewer, LLC (also Midwest Supplies’ parent company)

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3 thoughts on “New: “Off the Topper” Vermont IIPA from Northern Brewer

  1. Jason Chalifour

    From what I’ve read about Heady the base malt is 50% Maris Otter or Pearl malt. I’m surprised the kit doesn’t use NB’s new Super Structure extract.


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