New Brewfather Features! Now works with Grainfather & lots more + FREE Non-Expiring Trial Account

Brewfather is a modern app designed for your computer and smart phone.

Brewfather has announced loads of updates!

Friendly update from Brewfather!
👋 Hello, we are working hard on implementing your feature requests and wishes for the app and thought it was long due for a little update to you! 🍻

Many new features has been added since the last newsletter, some are really useful aswell:

⚡️ Control your Grainfather from the web-browser on desktop or android. Yes you read correctly, directly send the recipe from Brewfather on a device that supports bluetooth. Works in the Chrome browser on desktop and android (not available on iOS or native apps as of now). This feature is currently in a testing stage, enable it in the settings page on the web-app and send your feedback.

🍺 Another one is the High Gravity Brewing / Fermenter Top-Up option you got in your equipment profile that allows you to get more beer out of one brew-day than your equipment normally allows, this is a well known and much used method in industrial brewing. Get the IBU’s and everything figured out for you using that feature.

We have also added an API to allow integration with your own or third party solutions.
There are already many services that have integrated. Very exiting! 🔗

💧 Added support for Sodium Metabisulfite in the water calculator, with support for typing PPM.

New and improved calendar datepicker 📅

Shared recipes now default to your units when sharing.

Continuously update of new fermentables, hops and other ingredients in the database.

And many more features, full changelog available here 👈

We are working hard and will have exiting new features for you all soon! 💪 Make sure to get that Brewfather Premium subscription to help support app development if you don’t have it already! Thank you.

And as always, Brewfather is available for all your devices with automatic synchronization, take your pick:

As of this posting, for a limited time, Brewfather is offering a free non-expiring trial.  You get a full premium membership for 30 days and a limited membership after that time period.  Check Brewfather for current availability and details.

FREE Non-Expiring Brewfather Trial Account!

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