MoreBeer’s Fall Holiday Recipe Combo Pack.. Buy One Get One Half Off!

It’s time to start thinking about those fall time brews and our combo pack will help you save, when you brew for two!

First up is a graveyard smash, the Soulless Hop Pale Ale! It’s malty with a huge Citra® hop presence, this is our clone of the nationally known and loved Zombie Dust Pale Ale by 3 Floyds Brewing Co! Perfect for a Halloween treat!

Next we have our famous Thanksgiving Ale, also referred to as a pumpkin beer recipe. It’s based on an Amber Ale with modest bittering, a mild hop finish, and of course the subtle flavor of pumpkin spice. Show up at Thanksgiving with a case of your own pumpkin spiced beer and your in-laws may just change their mind about you… normally you can’t buy that kind of love.

Fall Holiday Combo Pack!

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