More Beer: 30,000 Square Foot East Coast Operations Up and Going – The Details

More Beer’s East Coast Distribution Center is up and going!

More Beer has opened a 30,000 square foot distribution center in Ambridge Pennsylvania.

According to a reliable source at More Beer: “We chose Ambridge, PA because of it’s strategic location. Between our California and new Pennsylvania warehouses, we can now reach 85% of the country within two days, and nearly 100% of the country in three. What does this mean? Our customers pay for ground shipping, but get three day shipping at the longest. Most customers will be paying for standard ground rates, but will be receiving their order within one-to-two business days. The bottom line is this… Transit times will be cut down dramatically. No more 5-6 business day transit times to the east coast customers! All this and free shipping on most orders of $59 and more.”

Check out the More Beer’s Shipping Map for more information on transit time.

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7 thoughts on “More Beer: 30,000 Square Foot East Coast Operations Up and Going – The Details

  1. Anonymous

    Hey All, Matt Monroe with MoreFlavor! Just wanted to make a quick mention on how the processing / logistics go in our warehouse.

    The shipping type is really the deciding factor for processing. If you select free shipping it may take up to 4 business days to process out of either warehouse. We’re hoping to cut down on that in the near future, but in the meantime, if you’d like an order to ship within 24 hours of placing the order, the ground shipping option would be the best. I know it’s odd that we “prioritize” paid shipping vs. free shipping, but that’s similar to FedEx and UPS in the sense that. FedEx will ship something from New York to Los Angeles by tomorrow if you want, but you pay $150. Or you can have it shipped over the course of a week for $15. We know it’s a little frustrating waiting for the free shipping, but hope that the free shipping program is viewed as a positive thing, rather than an annoyance. Look at it like a “we’ll scratch your back and ship for free, if you scratch ours and allow for a couple extra days!”

    We’re hoping that with orders being split now, our workload in each warehouse will be more manageable, and we’ll be able to process the free shipping orders faster than before. Now I can’t make any promises on that yet, but it’s next in line! Thank you to everyone that orders from us, and if you ever have questions or concerns regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at


    1. Chris Brewer

      The website does say that. I just tested. If you select moresaver free shipping it says “Ships in 2 to 4 business days”. That is really no big deal to me. I am glad to wait an extra couple of days in exchange for free shipping. In a day where shipping prices seem to do nothing but going up… this is a huge benefit.

  2. Anonymous

    @anon – that seems to be the REAL issue from my experience. It is not shipping. It’s getting the stuff out the door in a timely manner. My last order was just a regulator. Two days after I placed my order I did not get a tracking #. So I called and was told nonchalantly that it was shipping out that day. If they got their stuff out the door in a timely manner a new wheelhouse is a moot issue.

  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if the MoreBeer CA facility will be able to turnaround orders more quickly now since the East Coast orders will be going through the new facility. It should reduce the volume at their CA location. Not sure what adjustments they might have made to their personnel. Might be worth another try (speaking both to the anonymous Oregon commenter’s experience and more generally). I’m the NH commenter above.

  4. Anonymous

    Now if only their processing time gets faster. I live in OR and get my orders from Northern Brewer(MN) faster than I do from MoreBeer(CA) just because the order doesn’t ship for 3-4 business days after I place it.

  5. Anonymous

    I am in NH. I placed my order for over $59 on Tuesday mid-day and accepted the free ground shipping. My “shipped” email notification arrived within about an hour. I was surprised at how fast that was. When I checked my tracking number, it showed delivery scheduled for today (Thursday). Wow! I am impressed! I think this will influence my choice of online suppliers when all else is equal.


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