Mini Ball Lock Regulator

Home Brew Premium Regulated CO2 Charger Kit With Gas Disconnect

Mini ball lock co2 regulator.  Made of machined, anodized aluminum and uses 3/8″ threaded 16 gram co2 cartridges.  Includes a ball lock quick disconnect.  Since it has an MFL fitting, you should be able to swap that out for a pin lock QD.

This is similar in function to handheld CO2 chargers with the notable difference that it includes a regulator.  The regulator lets you set a specific pressure.

Use for portable dispensing of your keg of homebrew.

Home Brew Premium Regulated CO2 Charger Kit With Gas Disconnect

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One thought on “Mini Ball Lock Regulator

  1. Michael

    I have this and have only used it a couple of times for portable dispensing but can’t say I love it. The knob is very sensitive and allows the pressure to go way higher than we need. I dispense directly from the ball lock to a faucet without any tubing, and without additional resistance I have a hard time getting this thing set at about 2 PSI. Once I figure it out I’ll mark the location but I have yet to get it right. This seems to blow through a cartridge much faster than the trigger type but that could be due to the issues I listed above in dialing in the right PSI.


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