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About this beer, from MoreBeer

  • Our Signature Series kits offer a selection of crazy, unique beers developed by MoreBeer! customers, associates, and homebrewing legends!
  • A full-bodied, hop-forward beer recipe given to us by the late homebrewing legend—and our dear friend—Mike “Tasty” McDole
  • Includes Northern Brewer and Cascade hops
  • Estimated ABV: 5.2%
  • Estimated IBUs: 40-44
  • Makes 5 gallons of finished beer

This recipe comes from the late homebrewing legend—and our dear friend—Mike “Tasty” McDole. Mike is one of the best homebrewers we’ve ever known, and one of our original customers way back when the entire MoreBeer! operation fit inside a storage shed. Aside from brewing many award-winning beers, Tasty helped grow homebrewing as a hobby, and as a community, here in the Bay Area and well beyond.

Mike’s American Amber Ale earned him multiple 1st- and 2nd-place ribbons, including a Gold Medal at the National Homebrew Competition. We were after him for awhile for this recipe and he finally gave his consent, allowing this to be the 11th entry into MoreBeer!’s lineup of Signature Series kits. With over 12 lbs of malt and 4 rounds of hop additions, this is a full-bodied, hop-forward beer. When it comes time to drink this beer, raise one for Tasty!

Tasty’s All Grain Brewing Notes:
Mineral adjustments: Ca – 110 ppm; Mg – 21 ppm; Na – 21ppm; SO4 – 333 ppm; Cl – 45 ppm. Adjust Mash and Sparge water to a PH of 5.6. Recommended Sacchrification rest for 90 minutes at 152°F, followed by a 15-minute raise to 170°F, and a 15-minute Mash Out rest at 170°F.

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