Ends Soon: Kemphos 2001 Chlorinated TSP, 6 lbs – Color Indicating Cleaner! on sale for $24.99

Kemphos 2001 Chlorinated TSP

Kemphos 2001 Chlorinated TSP from William’s Brewing:

Kemphos 2001 (CTSP Pink) is a chlorinated Trisodium Phosphate cleaner with a unique color indicator – the solution mixes as pink, and if put in brewing equipment that is dirty and full of organic deposits, will turn light yellow. Use this indicator by noticing the color of the solution as it exits your equipment – if is still pink, the equipment is clean, but if yellow, your equipment needs further cleaning.

Best of all, it includes chlorine, which is marketed in countries outside the USA as an effective sanitizer*. Instead of using something like PBW® and Star San®, use this as a one step clean before brewing. While you are calculating this in your head, consider the cost of cleaners like PBW® and Star San® combined compared to the single purchase of Kemphos 2001.

This cleaner is versatile, and can be used as a general cleaner, and also works well as a beer line cleaner with its color changing indicator.

CAUTION: This contains chlorine, and stainless steel contact should be limited to 8 hours or less to prevent possible corrosion.

This 6 pound jar will make up to 150 gallons of working solution.

  • As of this posting, William’s Brewing has this on sale for just $24.99.
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6 lbs. Kemphos 2001 Chlorinated TSP

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